Amouranth Accuses Pokimane of Clout Chasing – Streamer Drama

Popular Twitch streamer Amouranth is facing criticism after accusing fellow streamer Pokimane of clout chasing and inserting herself into recent drama just to gain relevancy.

In a clip from one of her recent streams, Amouranth claims Pokimane talked about the drama surrounding xQc’s move to Kick “just to farm clout and more relevancy after she fell off on Twitch.” Pokimane has been critical of gambling and crypto sponsorships, which some argue Kick promotes through its loose moderation policies.

The clip quickly shot to the top of the LivestreamFails subreddit, garnering over 3,000 upvotes at the time of writing. Many commenters found Amouranth’s take ironic and hypocritical given her own past behavior.

“Says the woman who faked domestic violence for donos,” wrote one user, referring to abuse allegations Amouranth made against her husband last year, before quietly resuming her relationship and typical content.

“Sounds like a bit of projection from Amouranth’s part,” added another.

Some accused Amouranth of clout chasing by inserting herself into the drama, with one asking “What kind of ‘relevancy’ are you gaining from blue checkmarks and kick streamers being up your ass complaining about you?”

Supporters of Pokimane found the accusations particularly absurd given her success and mainstream crossover appeal. “Pokimane isn’t streaming because she’s getting invited to front row at Gucci shows and a movie role and having full red carpet treatment. Why would she be trying to farm clout from Twitch viewers?” wrote one defender.

The incident has strengthened theories that Kick CONTRACTUALLY obligates streamers to attack rivals. One highly upvoted comment stated: “God it really is in kick contracts to shit talk Hasan or Poki?? Crazy.”

Amouranth’s pivot against Pokimane surprised many, considering she vocally supported Amouranth last year during her abuse allegations. Pokimane even endured some backlash for defending her.

The drama highlights how easily streamer relationships can sour and how accusations can quickly escalate on forums like LSF. Amouranth remains one of Twitch’s most popular female streamers, while Pokimane has focused more on sponsorships, fashion, and networking outside gaming.

Despite their success, both feel pressure to maintain relevancy, which can manifest in ugly ways. For now, Amouranth’s fans await her response, if any, to the torrent of criticism coming her way.