Hustler University Hoax – 3 Reasons why Andrew Tate is a scammer

Today, I received my PhD from hustler University, commonly known as hustler versity.

Hustles University is the finest thing that ever existed on the earth.

University dormitories for those attempting to escape the matrix.

Andrew Tate deceived thousands of teens

If you’re wondering why I’m enrolling in a college that looks like it was founded by Mr. Worldwide’s son, the answer is quite simple: hustle versity was founded by Andrew Tate, a guy who no one knew about until six months ago and is now somehow more searched than Mr. Beast, Kanye West, or, most shocking of all, even the island boys who I thought would have a career forever.

I devised a specific plan approximately six months ago, when I decided to increase my general exposure due to the debut of a new product I operate an online school that teaches people how to make money online, I modified my approach to social media, and I ended up completely everywhere.

How does Hustler University work?

The program he runs is called hustle versity, and it teaches you how to make fast money for only $50 per month. One of these Fast Money methods turns out to be selling hustle versity to new people by posting clips of him, Andrew Tate, and as a result, it kind of created this pyramid scheme where there was a flood of Tiktok videos and biased reviews saying that Andrew Tate is the one true Savior who will save you from poverty.

Despite this, over 100,000 individuals have signed up for hustle versity, which at $50 a month nets him $5 million a month, despite the fact that it is a repackaged version of the same male guru grift that we’ve seen over 100 times like kombu. Crestani, John Locke, Dan What’s the difference between tape and Grant Cardone? Despite his alleged crime, toxicity, and psychopathy, Andrew does have one unquestionable ability that appears to be responsible for the most or all of his success thus far.

Guys, current influencers are progressively realizing that we live in a post-consequence society where people like Jake Paul may go about serially defrauding others and nothing bad will happen to them.

People are realizing that the only true money is attention.

He knows it will garner him clicks and annoy others.

Tate is completely insane

As a result, the many people who think, “Oh, Andrew’s just insane,” don’t see the complete con that he’s running, since the insanity is only half of the game.

Because gradually, people hear the other half of the obvious stuff and think, “Well, he’s not completely insane.”

People gradually go down the trade rabbit hole, thinking, “Maybe I can exit the matrix and acquire girls jets and Boogie bodies.”

How do I go about doing it? Who is watching out for me? And this is when hustling versity comes into play.

How does Tate profit from the hype?

To comprehend the following section of hustle versity, we must first grasp Andrew Tate’s attraction, so we can realize why hustle versity is so popular while being so awful. Otherwise, this entire movie is anticlimactic and puzzling, since when I initially joined hustling versity, I assumed it had to be different, right? To have this many people paying each month, they must offer something you can’t learn for free, right? I’m unhappy again again because I joined this month and have spent some time reading through the lessons, which are basically all about the same dull themes.

You’ve been promised you’re going to escape the matrix by taking the red pill, but what you wind up doing in this course is learning how to operate an Amazon side hustle for Jeff Bezos, so no offense, you’re not escaping the matrix.

Once there, Hustlers University alters the rules and meanings.

Scotties I mean, is I insane to think that the majority of individuals that join this conflict desire olive Lamborghinis?

Whereas Andrew Tate literally screams how fantastic hustlers University is on the one hand, University is also the best thing on the globe for those wanting to escape the matrix.

Those are the examples they selected, and I’m not disparaging the folks who are doing this; in fact, I applaud them.

Unless you consider being cash affluent, having $5,000 in your bank account, this course does not appear to be making anyone wealthy.

All of this gets us back to the true reason for Hustlers University’s success, which is, of course, Tate himself.

Instead, you have strange individuals teaching you things like E commerce, freelancing, copywriting, and investing.

Even those who wish to be a part of it but lack the necessary funds have been warned that there are no second chances.

You have to understand that people are deathly afraid of missing a payment because they’ve been told that if they do, guess where they’re going, right back in the matrix in jail, as they call it, and you’ll see we have people in jails people who don’t renew, we don’t kick you out, we put you in the jail.