The Top 10 Best Minecraft Servers 2023

As one of the most played games on the planet for over a decade, Minecraft features many different servers. Most of them are super fun and can provide a unique gaming experience. But, some of them generate the biggest number of players, thanks to multiple interesting characteristics.

If you like spending time on Minecraft and searching for the best servers, then you are at the right place. Below we will reveal and describe the top 10 of them, after which you can compare and choose on your own.

1. Hypixel

We begin with the Hypixel server, which many believe is the best of all of them. This server started out in 2013 and it is constantly breaking all kinds of records.

It is the largest Minecraft server that never stops growing. Here you can find a dozen different modes. You can try out PvP and competitive gameplay or a more calm survival experience. Some of its most popular game modes are Murder Mystery, SMP, Skywars, BedWars, Football, and a few more.

Hypixel basically has a mode for almost every type of Minecraft player. That is one of the main reasons for its major popularity among speedrunners.

2. Complex Gaming

On the second spot, we have Complex Gaming, which is yet another great Minecraft server. It offers several types of gameplay, including Skyblock, Prison, Cobblemon, PvE, PvP, Hunger Games, and much more. 

However, many players like the Pixelmon game the most. Here you get to catch, train, fight, and trade Pokemon. It is certainly the best mode for all the players who love Pokemon and Minecraft.

In this server, you will also come across several interesting features like custom ranks, in-game store, and voting incentives. We recommend Complex Gaming to all the players that like building, PvP, as well as exploring without anything in mind.

3. Wynncraft

Next up, we have Wynncraft, a server that has been around since April 2013. Here you get to join guilds, complete quests, fight bosses, and much more. Every player that joins gets to choose a class. 

They can be an Assassin, Archer, Warrior, Mage, or Shaman. Becoming the strongest player in all four providers is the goal of this server. The multiplayer fantasy game RuneScape is the inspiration for the incredible design of this Minecraft server. Players that are into quests, get to fulfil hundreds of them.

We should also mention that the Wynncraft server is free to play. It even allows you to buy certain cosmetic in-game items. 

4. ManaCube

ManaCube is yet another large Minecraft server where you get to try out numerous mods. Apart from the usual games, this server comes with a few distinctive ones such as Islands, Parkour, Anarchy, and Towny. Each of them targets a specific type of player and has plenty to offer.

Thanks to its recent balanced shop, ManaCube is now one of the rarest big servers with minimal pay-to-win elements. Beginners will easily adapt to this server, as the staff are always there to help you around.

Here, you don’t even need to worry about cheaters thanks to the highly advanced anti-cheat system. This makes the server fair for all players.

5. JartexNetwork

The JartexNetwork started back in 2015 and is now one of the biggest servers online. It comes with all sorts of minigames and modes just like its rivals. Among the most played modes on JartexNetwork are Creative, Survival, Factions, Bedwars, and Skyblocks.

Active players on this server know that the staff is releasing new updates on a regular basis. This means that the excitement is always on a higher level. 

There is even a store where you can purchase items, ranks, boosters, and much more. The design is pretty good on all mods, which will surely increase your gaming experience.

6. Minecraft Central

In the sixth place, we have Minecraft Central, which is another amazing multimodal server. It is a great server for all types of players, especially for beginners. Most of its content is custom and player-designed, which makes it super adaptive for every user.

It’s one of the oldest servers that is still active and thriving. Here you get to test your skills on the highly entertaining modes. Some of them are Prison, Creative, Survival, KitPvP, Skyblock, and a few more.

We must mention that the shared Creative mode resets every day. If you join this server, you will get to enjoy something new almost every month, thanks to the updates.

7. MineSuperior

MineSuperior is next on our list, which is a great server for Skyblock fanatics. Other types of players are also welcome to try it out, as they can enjoy Survival, Creative, Faction, and other modes.

It comes with several variations on the standard Skyblock formula, making it one of the best in the Minecraft world. Everything on this server is easily accessible and very straightforward. This means that you can join it and start playing the game right away.

The creators are always adding new ideas to MineSuperior. It is also a highly transparent server designed for all players to enjoy.

8. Blockdrop Network

Yet another well-known server in the Minecraft community is the Blockdrop Network. This one specializes in Bedwars, which is a game mode that requires you to keep your bed safe. Here you must also attack other players and destroy their beds in order to win.

Not long ago, the creators included a City Life mode. It has a Sims-style gameplay that features jobs, rentable apartments, salaries, and some other interesting things.

If you are looking for a more relaxing mode, then you should try out the Survival game. It offers a peaceful retreat where you can build whatever you like. 

9. WilderCraft

WilderCraft is a famous survival server that has been active since 2016. Thousands of players come back every day to experience the fun and joy that this Minecraft community provides. The main idea of this server is all about working together, which is the opposite of many other servers.

The staff describe its community as semi-vanilla. Here every player earns ranks as well as level-up custom WilderTools. Challenge other players in mini-games and events such as Dungeon Run, End Rush, Ruby Dragon, and Match 5.

You can discover new content every month thanks to the super devoted and creative staff.

10. Applecraft

Last but not least, we have another survival server that can provide an unforgettable gaming experience. The creators made this Minecraft community available in 2016 and it’s thriving non-stop since then.

Its world features 100,000 blocks, which means that you have plenty to explore. On the Applecraft server, you get a chance to rank up by voting. Here everything is 100% grid protected and the staff is super friendly and determined.

This server also comes with several mini-games, including tag and parkour. Apart from that, this Minecraft server is all about vanilla survival gameplay. So if you are into such modes, then Applecraft deserves your attention.