Brian Christopher Slots: The Famous Casino YouTuber Who Found Love in Slots

Brian Christopher Slots is a famous YouTuber and actor that is well-known in the gaming industry. He has over 580,000 subscribers and around 422,000,000 views on his YouTube channel. As for his acting career, Brain was somewhat active until 2018, but nowadays he is fully devoted to his video content.

This YouTuber was born and raised in Canada, where not long after finishing high school he discovered his love for slots. Today, he is the biggest casino influencer in the world, based in the US.

What Is He Streaming About?

All YouTube streams and videos from Christopher are about land-based and online slots. Most of them are about slot machines that he finds at various land-based casinos.

On the video content, you can watch him test his luck on all kinds of slot machines and occasionally win some decent money. The streams are mostly for people that are looking for fun slot games and casinos that offer them.

Some fans follow his streams purely for entertainment purposes as Brian knows how to put up a show. He uploads about his gambling adventures on a daily basis and you can find him at different locations around the world. 

The Brian Christopher Slots YouTube channel launched back in 2016 and is now the largest Casino channel in North America. In an interview he explained that there is a team of 10 people that are helping Brian provide its fans with the best content possible.

Brian and his team run all business-related activities under the BCSlots organization. Many land-based casinos are using his brand, as well as his services, as an advertisement deal.

His popularity and influence in the gaming industry have grown so much that he launched his very own slot game. He paired up with Gaming Arts to create this exclusive slot machine, which is now available in many states, including Las Vegas.

Net Worth and Private Life

Brian Christopher Slots has a net worth of around $4 million. This is a fairly reasonable amount to acquire from his acting, streaming, and advertising career. Even though this is a considerable sum he did not quite make the list of the richest streamers in Canada.

As he wagers on slots on a regular basis his net worth can go up and down. However, you can notice on his videos that he often hits the jackpots with a smaller bet. 

For instance, one time he placed a bet of $20 on a slot machine and took home $11,296. And, if you’re wondering, he gambles with his own money.

Before he discovered his passion for slot gaming, Brian lived a life as an actor. He showed his talent for acting and writing at a young age. When he was 18, he received the Junior Citizen of the Year award, alongside a few scholarships.

Brian Christopher is openly gay and married to his husband Marco since 2008. His husband regularly involves in the day-to-day business regarding the BCSlots organization. 

Both of them are also active members of the LGBTQ+ community. He and his husband live in Los Angeles since 2015, but they move around often as their lifestyle requires them to.