Why is Destiny’s Move to Kick.com Making Waves on Twitch?

Kick.com is a new streaming platform that is looking to rival Twitch and attract some of the top streamers to move ship. 

So far, it seems like Kick is doing an amazing job, as it brought home some known faces. The latest of them all is Destiny, the well-known Twitch streamer. With more than 7,000 average viewers per stream, Destiny enters the platform as one of the biggest streamers on Kick.com.

Fans were excited to see Destiny switch sides, so here, we will take a closer look at who exactly is Destiny and all reactions surrounding his switch.

Who is Destiny?

Destiny’s full name is Steven Kenneth Bonnell II, and he was born on 12 December 1988. He is surely one of the best-known Just Chatting content creators of all time. 

He is mainly a political commentator and a debater, so as you would expect from someone who mixes with politics, there are tons of controversies surrounding him.

Everyone perceives his discussions differently, but Destiny does not fail to comment on or discuss all major talking points in world politics.

As proof of how controversial his claims are, Destiny is one of the very few high-profile streamers who get a Twitch ban. Despite the ban, he is still going strong with his YouTube videos and he once again made the headlines with his switch to Kick.

Details About the Switch

Just in March this year, Destiny announced that he has signed a streaming deal with Kick. He disclosed the details of the matter, saying that his initial deal sees him be on a three-month probationary period. 

During that time, he has to host eight exclusive broadcasts per month on Kick. Moreover, he didn’t just sign a deal with Kick, as he also announced that he has penned a two-year contract with Rumble as well. Earlier this year Kick.com got a lot of attention for signing one of Twitch’s formerly best-performing streamers: Roshtein.

His Reaction

Destiny made the announcement that he is joining Kick in a 20-minute video. Earlier in the video he announced that he lived an open relationship with his current wife. He had a beaming smile on his face whilst saying that the next three months will surely be a wild ride. 

He moved on to talk about how he would cut off some of his streams to make the entire transition to Kick a bit smoother. 

While mentioning that he signed a two-year deal with Rumble, he said that he did that mainly for dual streaming.

Destiny also touched upon his future plans, as he said that on some days, he will be doing Kick, while others will see him move to Rumble. According to him, one thing is sure – he will use his Kick streams to touch subjects that he previously couldn’t, like vaccine-related stuff.

What did Fans Have to Say?

As you would expect, the online community was buzzing to see Destiny announce that he has signed a new deal with Kick.com.

Discussions online followed shortly, and everyone was quick to voice their opinion about the matter. Destiny has a strong fan base, and some were quick to note that we are likely to see him “unleashed” on Twitch.

How exactly this new deal pans out remains to be seen. However, one thing is sure – we will see tons of controversial discussions taking place, so there is plenty to look forward to.