Destiny’s Girlfriend – Who is he currently dating?

Steven Kenneth Bonnell, mostly known as Destiny, is a popular American streamer, political commentator, and internet personality. He is very active in the streaming industry since 2011, which makes him one of the oldest in the business. Nowadays, he is very active on Kick and YouTube.

However, you should know that he was also streaming on Twitch up until March 2022. At that time he received an indefinitely banned due to hateful conduct. His political views and activism made him even more popular, as well as controversial, according to certain groups.

Does Destiny Have a Girlfriend?

Destiny is currently in an open marriage with Swedish streamer Melina Göransson. The pair met in New Zealand in 2019 and married back in December 2021. The open/poly relationship that they’ve agreed on means that they treat each other as primary partners, but may pursue other romantic relationships.

It is worth noting that Destiny is also openly bisexual. During a podcast at YouTuber Lex Fridman, he explained that their relationship falls between polyamorous and open relationship. 

Destiny Past Relationships

We know very little about Destiny’s past relationships, as he hasn’t revealed much about them. It seems like he started opening up more after getting into an open marriage with his wife Melina.

The only thing that we know is that he has a son named Nathaniel with his ex-girlfriend Rachel. He revealed he broke up with Rachel a long time ago due to their toxic relationship. Unfortunately they were not the only streamer couple whose relationship turned into a dispute. However, both of them are on good terms and get along pretty well today.

Destiny also reveals that he has an ex-wife, but he doesn’t say much about her. All that we know is that he does not have any children with her.

Destiny’s Net Worth

We’ve gone through multiple sources and established that Destiny’s net worth goes somewhere between $1 and $1.5 million. To be honest, we thought that he made much more money during his streaming career.

As we mentioned in the introduction, Destiny is streaming since 2011 and creating video content on YouTube since 2013. He also features some pretty good numbers on these platforms, but it seems like he lacks sponsors. Or he simply refuses to advertise brands during his live streams.

Before getting a permanent ban on Twitch, Destiny gained around 700,000 followers. His total views count reached 116 million with 14,016 streaming hours.

Now, on his Kick channel, he features over 35,000 followers. But, these numbers will definitely continue to rise as this new streaming platform is showing some great potential.

On his YouTube channel, he has more than 663,000 subscribers and over 423 million total views. He posts content on the platform nearly every day, and most of them are political views and debates. These videos are mostly short clips from his Just Chatting live streams.

Apart from the Just Chatting streams, Destiny also likes to broadcast about different games. You can see him playing and commenting on titles such as League of Legends, Elden Ring, Dungeons & Dragons, Returnal, The Last Spell, and many more.