Eddie Craven: Owner of Stake at Day and Kick Streamer at Night

Stake is one of the most popular crypto casinos on the market that advertises almost anywhere. This online casino even reached out to famous streamers, which caused a lot of trouble on Twitch. Now, the biggest streaming platform restricts these types of live broadcasts and bans streamers because of them.

But, Kick, on the other hand, allows these types of streams on its platform. This made some big names join this new streaming platform. The reason behind all of this is the fact that Kick and Stake feature the same co-founder, Ed Craven.


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Who Is Ed Craven?

Edward Craven, also known as Ed or Eddie, is an Australian billionaire that co-founded Kick, Stake Casino, and Primedice (a crypto dice game). Thanks to his successes regarding the Stake Casino, he became the youngest billionaire in the country at 27 years of age.

The Kick streaming platform is also generating a lot of money, despite being a new and vulnerable site. There was an announcement on a stream, where Ed reveals that he made a profit during its first quarter of business. Apart from these businesses, Ed Craven has also invested in a variety of cryptocurrencies. 

Craven has an estimated net worth of $2 billion, whereas only Stake.com is worth around $1 billion. But, it is worth mentioning that he co-owns the crypto casino with his partner Bijan Tehrani.

He doesn’t shy away from spending a lot of money on mansions in Australia. Last year, in August, he spent $88 million on a house in Melbourne. 

Lastly, you should know that he is the son of James Ashley Craven, who went to jail for his involvement in the Spedley Group scandal. But, all of this happened before Ed was born.

Ed Craven’s Businesses

Before co-founding these online gambling and streaming platforms, Craven worked as an affiliate manager at Betfair. After that, he also worked as an account manager at Colossus Bets. 

However, in 2013 he decided to use his knowledge in the iGaming industry by opening his own sports betting platform. That was the Onside Sports site, which is still active to this day. Yet, his major success arrived in 2017 when Stake.com officially launched.

With this online crypto casino, Craven reshaped the whole online gambling industry. He allows placing bets using all the most popular cryptocurrencies. It was also among the first online casinos to accept Bitcoin as a payment method.

With Kick.com, Craven is starting out a major competition with Twitch where he tries to attract the best streamers on the market. He offers more relaxed rules and an amazing revenue split of 95/5 to content creators. Just as a comparison, Twitch has a revenue split set at 50/50.

Big names in the streaming industry such as Trainwrecks, Adin Ross, Destiny, and GMHikaru are already streaming on Kick. As things are shaping up at the moment, many other popular streamers will join this new platform. It is safe to say that Ed Craven’s strategy is working perfectly so far.