Why Does Hasan Have a Policy of Not Covering Breaking News?

Every news broadcasting platform is making sure to cover the latest and most interesting news for the public. This widely includes political topics from all around the world. One of the most famous commentators on this news is the popular live streamer Hasan Piker.

We often find him giving his thoughts and views on political topics in the US, as well as the Middle East. However, according to Hasan, he does not cover breaking news due to some of his policies. But, are there such rules that forbid him from talking about the latest topics?

Hasan’s Policy on Breaking News

Recently, Hasan Piker participated in the Pierce Morgan Uncensored TV program where he entered into a harsh debate with the host. There he was going back and forth with the presenter about the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

In this debate, Piker was defending his views and support of the Palestinians. However, during the exchanges of different views, Hasan revealed that he has a policy of not covering breaking news. Then he continued by saying that he sometimes violates those rules.

Now, people who don’t follow this famous streamer and commentator might actually believe what he stated. But, those who are aware of his work saw this as a very ironic statement.

He is the biggest political commentator on Twitch, so obviously he does cover a lot of news, including the most recent ones. Not to mention, Piker is a former broadcast journalist for the Young Turks. There he made a name for himself by stating his views on political and social issues.

His careless statement became a hot topic even on Reddit. On this platform, there is a video of a streamer laughing at Hasan’s policy statement. Users on this platform were commenting with satire and humour about this event, saying that he is always covering breaking news.

Among the popular streamers that had their say on this topic is xQc. During one of his streams, he was viewing this part of the debate. In the end, he rhetorically asked his fans “That’s not true, is it?”

Here, we must point out that Hasan Piker an xQc had several arguments in the past. Most of them were about their personal lives, but also about the new streaming platform Kick.

Although Hasan did say that he sometimes violates this policy, many believe that it happens more than often. Some fans believe that Piker is trying to avoid accountability for what he says.

Who Is Hasan Piker?

Hasan Piker, aka HasanAbi, is a well-known Turkish-American online streamer who has been active on Twitch since 2018. He is also a left-wing political commentator who covers all kinds of news topics.

But, before starting his streaming career, Hasan worked as a producer and broadcast journalist at The Young Turks. It’s an American progressive news commentary show that appears on YouTube and on selected TV channels. He was also a columnist at the HuffPost, a progressive news website.

At The Young Turks platform, he started out with his own show called Bro Tips. After that, he created his new show The Breakdown which aired only on Facebook. This new broadcast got him a nomination at the 10th Shorty Awards for the “Best Web Series” category.

Later on, in 2019, he created a new show on The Young Turks platform called Agitprop with Hasan Piker. He left the news commentary show in January 2020, which now seems like a good move for his career.

We must point out that the creator of The Young Turks is actually Hasan’s uncle. This is one of the main reasons why he chose to follow this career path.

Now, he is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch with over 2.56 million subscribers. He is also among the most watched creators on the platform, featuring around 19,700 average viewers and over 114 million total views.

Hasan Piker is also very active on YouTube, where he owns and operates 4 channels. His main one features over 1.32 million subscribers and more than 458 million views.

His numbers on Twitch and YouTube show how much influence he has on this platform, especially over the younger population. 

Apart from political commentary, fans can also catch him streaming all kinds of gaming content. Piker is constantly trying out different games, but he rarely sticks to only one.

In the past few years, he managed to win 5 awards and numerous nominations at various streaming awards. Among them are the awards at the 2022 and 2023 Streamy Awards for the News category.

We should also mention that Hasan Piker raised over $200,000 for Ukraine while playing Elder Ring. He also generated over $1.2 million for charities following the Turkey-Syria earthquake that happened on February 6th, 2023.

During the conflict between Israel and Palestine, Hasan’s charity drive on his streaming channel raised over $1 million. Apart from his appearance on the Piers Morgan Uncensored, Hasan also spoke about the conflict on the BBC News.

Final Thoughts

Regarding Hasan’s policy of not covering breaking news, we take a stand with the majority. This means that we believe there is no such policy and that he is trying to avoid accountability. If you follow him for just a few streams, you will notice that he is almost always talking about the latest news.

Many fans weren’t shy to criticize Hasan for what he said, especially the ones that followed him for quite a while now. However, the backlash is much bigger, as this unlucky statement came out during a very sensitive and serious conflict in the Middle East.

We see Hasan Piker’s statement as unnecessary as all of us know that he has covered political news his whole career. This of course includes the latest topics from all around the world. So, there is no need to cover the facts that he does or doesn’t comment on breaking news. Let’s see how Hasan will manage to get over this rather unlucky statement of his.