The Ultimate Hogwarts Legacy Settings Guide 2023

Most Important settings for Hogwarts Legacy

The amazing world of Hogwarts Legacy’s intense graphics can be quite demanding on any kind of PC. But players are not only interested in seeing graphics in their truly amazing fidelity, but they are also concerned about how well the game runs in terms of FPS.

Setting up the proper settings for a game is especially important if the game has some issues related to poor optimization on different hardware. This can make the game harder to play, and much less enjoyable, which is the sole purpose of gaming. To enjoy the game and have fun.

Who Is This Guide Made For?

This guide was made for players who prefer to play the game with a decent FPS and enjoy it running smoothly on their computers. Good graphics are nothing without excellent performance, which is more important in many cases.

In many cases during various gameplay sessions, Hogwarts Legacy can cause FPS drops and stuttering issues, so some players may want to change some of the settings to improve their performance.

Best Optimized Settings for Hogwarts Legacy (Best Practices)

AntialiasingTAA High or DLAAAntialiasing 
Effect QualityMedium or HighThis setting controls the quality and density of particles in the game. Also controls reflections. Simply put, this makes the spells look richer in effects.
Material QualityUltraThese effects control the quality of some surfaces in the game. It can make different patterns on walls and statues look better and more visually rich.
Fog QualityHigh or UltraFog quality doesn’t change anything drastically regarding performance from one setting to the next. That’s why having it on High or Ultra won’t impact FPS much.
Sky QualityMediumSky quality mostly affects the quality of the clouds in the sky. It doesn’t drastically impact performance, so may want to try and experiment with this setting.
Foliage QualityMedium or HighFoliage impacts the density of the foliage on the ground. Going up to medium costs around 3% of your performance. Medium is the best setting as it’s the best balance.
Post ProcessingMedium or HighPost processing controls several graphics aspects. It costs a lot of PC performance, and going up to medium takes away 4% of performance.
Shadow Quality HighShadow Quality controls the shadow detail of objects on the ground. Shadows are usually demanding, but in this game Shadows don’t cost much.
View DistanceMedium or HighView distance has a big visual impact as it control the richness of the spaces around you depending on the distance you are viewing them from. It’s a costly setting and going from low to ultra costs around 17% of performance.
Population QualityMedium or HighThis is the quality and density of NPC’s in the open world. But even going from low to ultra, doesn’t increase the quality by that much.

These are the best settings if you want a balanced game and still have good FPS when playing it. It should provide the ultimate gameplay experience, and make your gaming session much more enjoyable.