How Does Make Money?

Kick is the most profitable streaming platform for all content creators, regardless if they are big or small. The main idea of the owners is to give back more to the streamers than they usually get from other platforms.

However, the content creators aren’t the only ones making money here. Kick is also capitalizing on some decent sums from a few different sources. Below we will reveal and describe those sources, so you know how Kick makes its money.

Kick’s Revenue Split

We start with the obvious one, which is the revenue split. At Kick, the platform is taking only 5% of the streamer’s subscription revenue. This is way less than Twitch’s 50/50 revenue split and YouTube’s 55/45. This shows how much this new streaming platform cares about its users.

For example, if a streamer makes $1,000 from subscriptions, then the platform will only get $50. This also means that the content creator gets to keep $950, which is super generous.

Now, in order for Kick to make money out of this revenue split, it will need big traffic on its platform. But, when we look at the revenue split and the creator program, then the number of streamers will surely rise. The bigger the number of streamers and viewers, be bigger the profits will be.

We must also mention that streaming isn’t as expensive as it was back in the beginning. In fact, its costs are going down with the technology. This means that Kick will manage to make more and spend less in the process.

Kick’s Profitability

During a recent interview, Kick’s CEO Eddie Craven stated that the platform wouldn’t make any profit for 2-3 years. He also noted that a lot of companies aren’t making money from day one and Kick isn’t an exception.

But, here we must say that in a previous interview in April 2023, Craven said something different. He stated that the company managed to make a profit in the first quarter through a strategic partnership.

Now, no one knows who that strategic partner is, but a lot of people speculate that it’s Stake. At this point, we must mention that Ed Craven is a shareholder in both Kick and Stake.

Because of that, you will find a lot of content creators on Kick that are playing games at the online casino. The streamers earn sponsorship money for these broadcasts, but so does Kick, in a way.

Ads on Kick

At the moment, there are no ads on Kick, but according to Ed Craven, that will change in the future. He also noted that the current main objective of the platform is to grow. A lot of viewers really appreciate the no-ads policy, which doesn’t shift their focus off of the stream.

However, this won’t last forever, as Craven also said that they will roll out ads at a certain point. The CEO thinks that the pre-roll and mid-roll ads are efficient, as the advertising brands appreciate them greatly.

But, on the other hand, he thinks that there is a better way of advertising on the streaming platform. Craven and his staff are currently working on a model that can satisfy the advertisers and be more enjoyable for the viewers. Also, they plan to charge a better rate from their model.