How to Buy Stocks?

Kick, as a fairly new streaming platform, has quickly managed to make a name for itself. It is less than a year old and it continues to increase its traffic exponentially. However, it also manages to make a solid profit, regardless of its creator-friendly approach.

This has attracted the attention of many people who want to get involved in the company behind Below we will reveal whether and how you can buy some stocks for this streaming site.

Buying Kick Streaming Shares

You cannot purchase stocks at the moment, as it is a privately owned company. As of today, it does not feature in any stock exchange entities. However, this might change in the future, if the company manages to maintain and increase its value.

Here we must mention that there is an HPN holding company that uses the KICK ticker. This is a totally different company that has nothing to do with the streaming platform.

Who Owns

Kick Streaming Pty Ltd is a private company owned by Ed Craven, Bijan Tehrani, and popular streamer Trainwreckstv. Craven and Tehrani also own the famous online crypto casino

The media mostly focuses on Ed Craven, as he is also the CEO of the Kick. People know him as the youngest billionaire in Australia, after getting his massive wealth at only 27. 

He is also the son of another Australian billionaire, James Craven, who ended up in jail. His father was involved in the collapse of the Spedley Group.

Ed started his business journey with a gaming company called EasyGo Gaming. However, his biggest achievement so far regards Stake Casino. We must mention that he and Tehrani registered the online casino in Dutch Curacao. They made this choice to avoid the anti-money laundering laws in Australia.

Is Kick a Profitable Company?

You might know that Kick is spending a lot of money on streaming deals with popular content creators. They conduct this strategy to attract many more users to the platform. But, isn’t this approach costing them a lot of money?

According to Kick’s CEO and co-founder Ed Craven, that isn’t the case. In April 2023, he noted that the company already made a profit in the first quarter.

However, we should note that this was before Kick signed the massive deals with xQc, Amouranth, BruceDropEmOff, and a few others. In an interview with Forbes, Craven said that the company is currently not profitable, which isn’t a secret.

He noted that Kick is like any other startup business that works in a very competitive industry. They understand that there is a cost to pay in order to enter. Craven also revealed that they are willing to invest capital and try to take what is a very competitive piece on the market.

According to Craven, the company’s plan is to start making a profit around the 12 or 36-month mark. To do that, Kick will include ads, which aren’t currently available on the platform. 

He and the management of the company are currently looking into the advertising space. With it, they are searching for the biggest potential in revenue. They also take the creators and viewers into consideration, as they want them to actually adore the ads.