How to Get a Deal? Step-by-Step Guide

It’s almost a year since the official launch of and a lot has happened for this time period. The creators of this platform invested a lot of money to get the perfect start. It offers the famous 95:5 revenue split, which goes in favour of all types of content creators.

However, that isn’t the only strategy that the management is using to attract new streamers. Right from the beginning, Kick started giving hefty deals to some of the biggest content creators. 

Now, after seeing these streamers get some very big deals, many ask whether they can sign similar deals with Kick. Here, we will try to give an explanation of how to get a deal like the other top streamers.

Getting a Deal

Judging by Kick’s action over this past year in the streaming business, it seems like only the best creators get special deals. But, this was a strategic move by the management, as those streamers are generating a lot of views. So, when they come to the Kick, their fan base will follow. 

This is the main strategy for Kick until it reaches a certain number of users on its platform. Now, we must note that the streamers who got the Kick deals are highly popular in the industry.

Their reputation and the numbers behind them are the reason why Kick went after them. This new streaming platform is trying to attract as many viewers as possible, especially from Twitch, their biggest rival. Up until now, it seems like this strategy is working, as Kick does feature over 20 million users.

Now, the key question here is whether anyone can get a Kick deal. The answer to this question is rather complex. Getting such a deal comes with certain requirements.

First of all, you must generate some big numbers. Here we mean subscriptions and viewers per stream. This is a logical one, as Kick wouldn’t want to sign an unknown content creator.

Secondly, you will need to stream more often. The more live broadcasts you do the more attention you will get. It allows Kick to generate bigger traffic if you are conducting streams rather often. 

Finally, it seems like Kick is after unique and somewhat controversial content creators. Many of the streamers who signed deals either got a ban from Twitch or were restricted for certain content. So, creators who are eccentric and don’t have the freedom to express themselves find salvation at

All of this is good if it is easy to achieve. The reality is that there are millions of streamers in the world who are eager to sign such deals. So, the chances for an individual to do that are very slim. 

Also, generating a bigger audience is very hard to achieve. Some take years of hard work to only get to a few thousand subscribers. As we noted, Kick is only giving out deals to streamers that can spike up the numbers on its platform.

Making Money on Kick Without a Deal

Now, there are some other ways for you to earn some good money at Kick. As you may know, the revenue split on this streaming platform is 95:5. It is the biggest one online, which makes the best place for content creators.

Another way is by earning an hourly wage, which is at its final stages. Every streamer can earn a salary on Kick, but they will first need to reach certain milestones. 

There are several factors that can determine how big of a wage you get. Among them are the number of followers, streaming hours, average subscriptions, unique chaters, and a few more. 

Next, we have the donations, which are 100% yours, as Kick doesn’t take a certain percentage. This makes it the best way to earn money on this platform. But, getting donations is tricky, especially if you generate a small number of viewers. People who donate are usually supporting on-the-rise creators.

You can also try to sign sponsorship deals with other brands. For instance, if you are a gamer, then you can sign a partnership deal with a company that sells gaming equipment. They will not only pay for the gadgets that you use, but you will also earn a percentage on the sales.

Which Streamers Signed Deals With

There are many streamers that signed unique deals with The first one to do that was Trainwreckstv, which was helping the creators to develop this new streaming platform. To this day, no one knows for sure what he got from the deal.

Second to join Kick was Adin Ross, who got a massive deal. Many speculate on the figures of this contract. Some believe that it goes up to $150 million over the course of 2 years.

Another big content creator that we must mention is xQc. This popular and controversial streamer signed a $100 million deal with Kick, which caused a lot of drama online. It’s a massive deal that beats even traditional sports deals.

After xQc, Kick went out to sign one of the most-watched female streamers in the world, Amouranth. She reportedly got a deal worth around $30 million.

Other famous streamers that signed deals with Kick are WestCOL, Destiny, Ac7ionman, Roshtein, GMHikaru, Buddha, Corinaakopf, Ice Poseidon, Nickmercs, etc.

Final Thoughts

Getting a Kick deal is almost impossible for a non-famous streamer who has low views. All of the content creators who signed contracts with Kick were able to bring new users on the platform. This is because they feature thousands or even millions of followers.

So, the chances for a regular streamer to get such a deal are almost zero. You will need to generate more viewers and show your worth. Each content creator who joined Kick on a special deal had something to show for it.

But, if you want to earn some money on Kick, there are some other ways. The hourly wage, revenue split, and donations are among the top ways to generate an income.