How to Get More Viewers on – 9 Best Practices

Every content creator on Kick is on the lookout for new ways to attract more viewers on their live streams. However, many fail at their attempts for various reasons. Some believe that incorporating or changing one thing will bring them a bigger viewership, which is a wrong assumption.

Getting the attention of more viewers requires hard work and dedication. However, there are some actions that can help you out with this major task. Below we will reveal the best tips that will get you more viewers on Kick.

Choose a Catchy Title for your Stream

Coming up with an interesting title is very important, as that is the first thing that the viewers see on Kick. Because of that, it is crucial to gain their attention and make them curious and excited about the content.

Use powerful words such as best, stunning, and amazing in the title as they are super persuasive and emotional. Combine them with exciting phrases and keywords that perfectly describe your content. It should be descriptive and clear, but also engaging and captivating.

Promote Your Channel and Streams on Social Media

Another very good tip is to promote your channel on your social media profiles. Probably the best platforms for this type of promo are Twitter and Instagram. You should do this before every stream to get the attention of as many people as possible.

Start early and post about your stream several times before it begins. But, try not to spam a lot on social media, as that will irritate people and make them uninterested. XQC’s chat message twitter is a good example of how to use SoMe on Kick.

The last post before the live broadcast should be a link to your stream with an interesting description of it. You can also ask your family and friends to share your posts about your live stream on their profile.

Post Short Clips on Social Media

This one is a follow-up to the previous one as it too involves promoting your channel on social media. Here, you cut some interesting parts from your live streams and post them on your other profiles. Add the short videos on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram as there is where the bigger audience is.

By sharing the most interesting parts of your streams on these platforms, you will gain many new followers. Try posting such content on a daily basis, so you remain in their interest. 

We also recommend using tools that automatically create highlight moments from your broadcast. That way, you will save up some valuable time, which allows you to focus on other important issues.

Interact With Your Viewers

It is very important to engage with your viewers from time to time, as that helps you build a loyal fan base on Kick. Encourage interactions during your stream and include as many spectators as possible. You can ask questions about all kinds of topics and make them right in the comments.

Then read and reply to the comments to make them feel included in the stream. You should also respond to comments from viewers without even asking any questions beforehand. That way you will acknowledge their presence and make them feel important.

Be Unique – Be Yourself

There are thousands of streamers on Kick and many of them are copying the best content creators on the platform. Now, it’s not wrong to learn from the best, but taking everything that they do and using it on your streams isn’t unique.

The top content creators gained recognition by being themselves and you can do that. If you observe top channels like Xposed’s casino streams, you will see that many Pro’s barely change their style throughout the years.

It is also very tiring to try and be someone that you aren’t. Viewers truly appreciate honesty and many of them will easily connect with your persona.

Being funny is always a plus as it attracts more viewers, but you shouldn’t try too hard on that. Faking such a characteristic will make you love spectators. So remember to just be yourself and promote your friendly and engaging sides at all times.

Offer Occasional Giveaways

Who doesn’t like getting free stuff? Especially if it comes from simple stuff such as watching a stream and following the streamer on social media.

Giveaways are a powerful tool that can generate a large audience for your live stream. They are super effective, which is why you can see them almost everywhere. If you plan on offering a giveaway, then make sure to know your audience.

Then you can choose whether to offer various prizes, exclusive content, to some other rewards. Some popular types of giveaways that you can conduct are quizzes, raffles, photo contests, and sweepstakes.

Discover Games With Fewer Streamers

Most content creators stream about the biggest games on the platform, which makes the competition super tough. However, you also wouldn’t get the attention of new spectators if you streamed games that no one even heard of.

Because of both of these facts, the best way is to find a game that has fewer streamers, but a lot of viewers. That is a gold mine that you should consider taking advantage of.

However, we must mention that it is best if you stream games that you enjoy playing. Also, if you feel like trying out a game with a lot of viewers but fewer streamers then make sure to get good at it. No one wants to view a content creator who is bad and knows nothing about the game they are playing.

Collaborate With Other Streamers

Another great approach for gaining more viewers on Kick is by working together with other streamers. That way you can reach out to a new and bigger audience that can potentially become your fans. 

Collaboration increases your content diversity and adds something fresh. To create these special events, make sure to find other streamers that have similar content. You should also prefer the creators that generate more viewers than you.

Additionally, find a streamer that will allow hosting each other’s channels. This is another great way to gain more viewers as anyone who opens their channel will notice your content. However, the other streamer should be offline in order for this to work.

Make Sure to Stream at the Right Time

There are certain times during the week that are much better than others. Also, there are periods of the week when a lot of creators stream about your game of choice. This is a major issue if you are a smaller streamer who is trying to grow your channel.

You may also notice that some days are not very good for streaming, for example, during a vacation period. You should also consider adjusting the timeframe of your streams according to the viewers’ free time. Most of them go to school and work, so try broadcasting your content later on in the day.