Jake Paul NFTs: Is he going to Jail for this scam?

Jake Paul was caught again promoting a scam, so someone is going to jail.

A lot of scammers have been caught after being caught on coffees, so keep an eye out for that.

First, we want to talk about Jake Paul, who reportedly got $6.3 million to promote an NF T scam to his fans.

Not Jake’s first scam

Blog I know, talking about Jake Paul and scams feels like Groundhog Day at this point.

I mean, if you wanted to describe Jake Paul to someone, you’d say he’s an influencer first. Then, if you were thinking about it, you’d have to say he’s a scammer second and a boxer third, because he’s scammed more times in his life than he’s boxed professionally.

So I’m not sure if he thinks of himself as a pro boxer.

If he does, he is more likely than not a professional con artist.

Stick dicks, bored bunny apes, and space safemode are all things we’ve talked about. Yummy milk coin sadboys I know it’s getting too much for everyone because of all of these scams, rug bulls, and worthless coins.

So I guess I should quickly explain why we’re talking about this. Well, I know it’s easy to get fed up with the fact that these people almost never get caught or punished for what they do or try to pull.

Jake Paul must be stopped

That’s why I want to talk about it, and I will. Jake Paul, you know that if you keep promoting scams, I’ll keep exposing you until something happens. I don’t care what it is, I’ll keep exposing you until you get a slap on the wrist.

Even though we’ve talked about this before, we’re still going to talk about it.

So, Ana moon is the scam we’ll talk about today.

It’s the same thing as stealing money from Pokemon fans.

I love the Pokemon: The Whole Nine Yards-inspired designs. As for me, I’ll try to get a legendary during the public mint.

He doesn’t mean that I’m promoting it when he says I’m a part of it.

Anna Moon: No, they just change the colors of the starter Pokemon.

You might be wondering, “Who believes this?” I know that Jake Paul is like the sleaziest influencer marketer ever.

So, who is actually buying this? That’s where things get interesting, because one of the promises of this NFT of the legendary NFT’s was that they would make money every month. Their website, which has since been taken down, said that they would make $2,500 every month.

Pyramid Scheme exposed

But, of course, this was a scam because the people who started it never did it.

People asked for proof, but there wasn’t any, which makes it even stranger that Jake Paul says Pokemon inspired them and that they’ll be working with Pokemon on the project, but Pokemon has nothing to do with it.

They told everyone that they would have Pokeyman partnerships, but it was all a lie. They ended up getting 6.3 million dollars from investors by lying to them.

With such a long history of promoting scam projects, you have to wonder when someone will step in and really do something about it.

I know we’re going in a different direction, but everything will work out in the end.

So Nate would end up trading on those NF Ts before they hit the page because he knew they were going to hit, and he made a lot of money this way.

He will join James Zini, who was also a powerful person and went to prison for these schemes.