Unveiling Kick.com’s Hilarious Tweets about FeetFinder

If you are following Kick.com on Twitter, then you know that the admin has a great sense of humor. They regularly tweet funny memes or silly jokes on this social media platform that cracks up every follower.

Many times before, they’ve made fun of their biggest rival, Twitch while promoting their advantages. But, recently the admin posted a hilarious meme that involved a site called FeetFinder.

What is FeetFinder?

Now, many people aren’t aware of the FeetFinder site and its purpose, so it is important for us to elaborate. FeetFinder.com is a website where people can sell and buy photos and videos of feet, also known as foot content.

It goes without saying that girls are mostly the ones selling and boys are usually the ones that are buying. This site has millions of users worldwide and its traffic is yet to increase following Kick’s mention in some tweets.

Kick’s Tweets About FeetFinder

Now, that you know what this site is all about, it’s time to reveal the Kick’s meme on Twitter regarding FeetFinder. But, we should mention that the whole feet thing didn’t start with this website.

On June 28, 2023, Kick’s admin on Twitter replied to a user who tweeted his pick for the most relevant apps. It involved YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter. The response from Kick.com was a screenshot of apps, which included Kick and 6 other feet-related apps. 

They also typed in a text saying “I beg to differ”. Kick’s Twitter admin even left a comment under the post saying “What’s wrong”. This left a lot of fans in disbelief and laughter.

Two weeks after this tweet, the fans saw another hilarious feet-related meme on Kick’s Twitter page. This was a two-in-one joke that involved Threads, Twitter’s new competitor, and FeetFinder.

Kick’s admin typed in “I’m spending way too much time on threads”, where the featured app was the second most used with 21h 45min. They even encircled the Instagram app, but the main part of the joke was about FeetFinder.

This website about feet fetishes was on top of the list in this made-up meme with a total usage time of 218h 28min. Once again, the followers loved the funny meme as it was out of nowhere and unrelatable with anything that they did.

But, the story about the FeetFinder meme doesn’t end here. Three days after Kick.com mentioned FeetFinder, they decided to reach out via Twitter. Kick posted a screenshot where FeetFinder asked the streaming platform to partner up.

They even added that both of them could collaborate on something amazing. The Kick’s admin posted the photo with the description “Mama we made it’. 

Judging from the approach from both sides as well as from the fans’ response, we believe that this is just the beginning. We can surely expect to see other hilarious feet-related memes from Kick in the future.

Maybe we truly get to see a collaboration with Kick and FeetFinder, which is something that never happened in the streaming world. That collaboration would surely be a great boost for Kick’s creator fanbase and their creator program.

In the meantime, we can sit back and enjoy the newest funny memes that Kick is posting on Twitter.