The Kick Creator Program – Earn Money as a Content Creator

The rivalry in the streaming industry is getting fiercer as new platforms start offering their services to content creators. With the appearance of Kick, the whole market exploded thanks to its incredible features that go in favour of all users.

But, the most significant thing that this new streaming platform is known for is its creator program. According to many, it is miles away from its competitors, including currently the biggest platform, Twitch. Below you can read everything there is to know about Kick’s Creator program. 

How Do You Qualify for the Kick Creator Program?

The content program at Kick aims to help its streamers earn a decent amount of money based on certain criteria. It is something that every platform is offering, but not as good as Kick.

At this new streaming platform, every content creator, regardless of size, gets to earn money. However, they must first reach a few milestones before Kick starts paying them for their service.

To join the creator program, you must first get at least 75 followers on your channel. Secondly, you have to stream for a minimum of 5 hours on the platform. As you can read, these “Path to Affiliate” requirements are pretty simple and very easy to complete.

After meeting them, you must click on the “Enable Subscriptions” button to enter the creator program. You will instantly notice the benefits, where the bigger your channel the better your payouts.

How Much Does the Kick Creator Program Pay Per Hour?

Kick pays its users an hourly wage for their contribution to the platform. According to Trainwreck, the content creators will get a paycheck, regardless if they have 1 or 100,000 viewers. The other platforms are ignoring the small and mid-sized streamers with its creator program, but not Kick.

Every streamer can earn an hourly wage as long as they meet certain conditions. The management at Kick came up with a formula that works out the payments towards the content creators. It includes the following details:

  • The hours you stream on your Kick channel
  • The average views you get on your streams
  • A flat rate that is based on the platform’s advertising CPMs
  • The viewer demographics and their engagement

Now, there are some speculations lurking around the media that the streamers will get $16 per hour if they fulfill these requirements. 

However, the truth is that the hourly wage varies depending on the featured requirements that each streamer gets on their channel. The better the numbers the bigger the paycheck. Trainwreck and Ed Craven, the co-founder of Kick, revealed these facts in an interview a few months ago.

You have two options to choose from when deciding how to get your money from Kick. The first one is getting your funds through the platform’s payment processor Stripe. With this option, you can set a day of each month to get the money on a monthly basis.

The second option is receiving your money in cryptocurrency the same day after your stream ends. Kick will transfer your money either through Bitcoin or Ethereum.

This new streaming platform has the funds to acquire the biggest content creators in the industry. So far it has signed deals with such creators, but its main focus at the moment is relying on all streamers. It is one of the key reasons why Kick has such a rewarding creator program.

Trainwreck also noted that Kick’s creator program will have a verification process that will remove all fake accounts. It has a manual approval application process that only real users can complete.

Other Features That Are Part of Kick’s Creator Program

Apart from the hourly wages, the creator program at Kick also comes with two other features. They regard the revenue split on the platform and the money coming from donations.

Becoming part of the creator program allows you to unlock paid subscriptions. The revenue split at Kick is set at 95/5, which means that you get 95% of all the subscription revenue. 

It is way bigger than the revenue split from Twitch (50/50) as well as from YouTube (70/30). It is also one of the main reasons why content creators prefer to join Kick.

Next up, at this new streaming platform, every content creator can receive donations, regardless if they are in a partnership or not. Kick allows you to keep 100% of the on-site non-third-party donations that you receive for your channel. 

Unlike the payments you get from being part of the creator program, you can get donations via PayPal. However, you should know that this payment method charges certain fees for the money that you receive. 

How to Get a Verified Status on Kick

In April 2023, Kick announced its verified program, which gives certain content creators a checkmark on their channels. This is something that every streamer wants to get for themselves. 

However, just like the creator program, you must first fulfill certain requirements in order to get a verified status. Before we continue, we must mention that this program is still in its BETA stages. This means that you must manually verify your account.

The featured requirements for getting a verified channel on Kick are the following:

  • Stream for at least 30 hours in the past 30 days
  • Broadcast for 12 unique days in the past 30 days
  • Get 300 unique chatters in the past 30 days
  • Achieve a minimum average of 75 live concurrent viewership in the past 30 days
  • Get a minimum of 30 active subs in the past 30 days

Here we must mention that there are certain security qualifications required for the featured verification. Your account/channel must have a confirmed phone number as well as a two-factor authentication

You must not make any username changes in the past 30 days. Next up, your Kick account must feature at least 3 on-channel VODs in the same period. Lastly, there shouldn’t have been any TOS violations in the past 30 days.


Kick’s Creator program offers every streamer a chance to earn money on the platform. They of course must meet certain requirements before they are free to collect funds. But, the truth is that the featured conditions aren’t tough and almost every dedicated streamer can meet them.

If you use cryptocurrencies, then you can receive payouts on a daily basis. On the other hand, if you decide to use Stripe, then you will get a monthly payment.

The creator program also features a 95/5 revenue split on subscriptions, which is the biggest in the streaming industry. You also get to keep 100% of all the donations that you get on Kick. It is fair to say that this new streaming platform is offering every type of creator a chance to earn money.