Kick Implements Toggle for Gambling and Explicit Content

If you’re using Kick to follow your favourite streamers, then you’ve surely come across gambling and explicit content. Live broadcasts with topics such as those are attracting a lot of attention on the platform.  

But, such content isn’t for everyone, as there are viewers that are minors or some who find it offensive. On the other platforms, the streamers can receive permanent bans for such content, but not on Kick. However, there is a new feature on this new streaming platform that regulates such live broadcasts.

Kick’s Latest Changes Towards Gambling and Explicit Content

On the 3rd of July 2023, Ed Craven, the co-owner of Kick, revealed that they’ve implemented a few changes on the streaming platform. Those actions included better viewer count protection, advanced chatbot protection, sorted tabbing issues, and disabling gambling and explicit content.

The platform implemented these changes in just 48 hours after tweeting about them. We will put our focus on the last one, as that is something that concerns most users on Kick. With these changes, you are now able to censor all casino gambling content as well as the Pool, Hot Tub, & Bikini streams. 

Many streamers switched Twitch for Kick so they can freely publish their casino gambling content. This made the Slots & Casino category the most viewed one on the platform.

For Kick, this was great news as they attracted many new users to the streaming website. But, it looked like they’ve turned their backs on the traditional gaming content creators. Before gambling and explicit content, these users ruled the streaming world.

They are attracting many viewers with their super entertaining gaming streams, especially minors. With the new toggle for such content, it seems like Kick has finally learned how to grow even further.

How Did the Communities Welcome the Changes?

Kick’s changes towards gambling and explicit content sparked positive comments in the streaming industry. Some people noted that even the bigger streaming platforms are yet to implement similar steps as Kick.

Many users were irritated by the relations that Kick has with Stake Casino. In case you didn’t know, both companies share the same co-owner, Ed Craven. The casino signed contracts with many popular streamers to promote their gambling site on their channels.

This made Kick overflow with gambling content. Now, with the new changes towards such streams, the viewers can choose on their own whether they want them to appear.

Many streaming fans noted that managed to implement these changes very quickly. On the other hand, they criticized Twitch for failing to do the same for more than 10 years. It is things like these that put Kick a step closer to the biggest streaming platform in the world.

However, some users want the platform to go even further and completely hide the gambling and explicit content. Others believe that Kick should make the users opt-in not opt-out from such streams.

Final Words

Kick has implemented a toggle that allows you to disable all gambling and explicit content on their platform. It is something that many users were asking for, as they wanted to focus more on the other types of content.

We must mention that Kick managed to sort out this problem rather quickly. These changes are yet to appear on the other streaming platforms, including the popular Twitch.