The Best Streaming Gear for Streamers – Kick Equipment Guide

Kick streaming is all about offering super entertaining and engaging content that will make the viewers satisfied and get back for more. However, to be among the best in the industry, you must acquire and use certain streaming gear.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on it, but you do need it in order to continue growing your Kick channel. Without it, your streams will look blunt and less professional, which can make you lose viewers. Below you will find the best Kick streaming gear that will help you on your way of becoming a professional streamer.

Streaming Cameras

We start off with the most basic one, which is a streaming camera. Using your laptop camera for your Kick live broadcasts is not an option, as most of them are not very decent. Some content creators are even using their smartphones as they can provide a very nice image.

But, you should avoid using your phone, because you might need it at some point during your stream. If you have a smaller budget then you can buy a webcam that is capable of recording in full 1080p HD. They go up to $100 and will get the job done. 

However, we recommend you use a mirrorless camera as they are better than webcams and are used by many of the most popular streamers. Purchase only if you have a bigger budget and feel like you really need this investment.

Capture Cards

The next feature that you will need is a capture card. You can use it to record your Kick streaming content and edit it later on before you post it. Such equipment is also useful when you play a game on your PS5 or Xbox and want to record it on your PC or laptop.

It allows you to capture the action from the camera as well as from your console. Now, there are two types of capture cards, internal and external.

Many avoid internal cards as they continuously offer less and less for consumers. However, there are some pretty decent ones on the market, which only the big spenders can purchase. For instance, a good internal card is the Blackmagic Design Decklink Quad, but it costs around $550.

In the stores, you will find external capture cards that go between $80 and $200. Choose one depending on your budget, although the most expensive ones such as Elgato provide the best service. The better ones come with a better resolution and frame rate.


Your Kick streaming setup isn’t complete without a decent microphone in front of you. You must get a good mic to avoid bad-sounding audio, which will make your whole stream a nightmare.

But, you don’t need to spend a lot of your money on a microphone. There are some pretty decent things in the stores that you can purchase with a smaller budget. You can buy a headset with a good mic, a USB microphone, or an XLR microphone.

If you have a headset, then you can start with that and purchase a better microphone when you have extra money. Just make sure the mic on your headset isn’t super sensitive as you will annoy your viewers with your breathing.

Getting a USB mic is a great choice because of its simplicity as you get to power it straight from your PC. You can get a decent one for just $50.

The XLR microphones on the other hand are almost equally as good, but they offer more control. With such a mic, you can adjust how you sound. There are some good brands that offer such mics for a price of under $100. But, if you have a budget and want the perfect audio, then you should definitely consider the better ones.

Lightning Equipment

The lighting of the room where you conduct the streams must be on point. No one wants to watch Kick live broadcasts where they cannot see you clearly. With the right lighting, you will increase the quality of your stream by getting a better frame rate.

It will also make you look even better on camera, as the perfect light reveals all of your features. But, it is very important how you position your lighting setup.

We recommend you place it off to the side and slightly behind your camera. Make sure that there aren’t any objects in front of the light that will cover you in shadows. Some content creators are using ring lights, which are more suitable for the Just Chatting streams than it is for gaming.

Additionally, you can use ambient light to create a much better atmosphere. Streamers usually use LED lights for this purpose. A good lightning kit will cost you between $80 and $200.

USB Audio Interface and Mixer

If you have at least two XLR microphones and a budget then you can get a USB audio interface or a mixer. This is something that you must purchase if you allow other people to join your streams on a regular basis.

The USB audio interface will allow you to input more than one microphone. It can process multiple inputs simultaneously, something that isn’t very common with digital mixers.

However, the mixers on the other hand allow you to easily manipulate the volume, EQ, gain, and other settings. You can use all of these features to get a clean final output for your Kick streams. 

Some mixers such as the Rodecaster Pro II come with built-in audio interfaces. But, they are way more expensive than the separate gadgets as they cost around $700. Just as a comparison, a good USB audio interface is worth around $60. Also, a decent mixer costs between $80 and $200.

Green Screen

Last but not least, we have another very interesting gear that you can get to improve your streaming setup. The green screen will let you reach another level by making your streams way more interesting and engaging.

A green screen allows you to create a virtual background as well as add special effects to your live broadcast. With the use of chroma keying, you can adjust the colour of the screen. That will make your actual background disappear for your viewers.

When you set up the green screen, make sure that it’s flat and clean. Also, make sure that there is a good amount of lightning on it and test it before you start your stream.

The prices for the green screens go from $30 up to $250. But, don’t overspend on this equipment if you don’t have the necessary funds, as it is an extra purchase. If you do have a bigger budget, then consider buying one from EMART or Elgato, which costs between $140 and $160.