Who Is LosPollosTv – Gaming Streamer Goes All-In on Kick

LosPollosTv, also known as Louis Sammartino, is a 28-year-old Italian-American content creator, streamer, and gamer. You can find him on all popular social media and streaming platforms, but he is most active on YouTube and Twitch. He has two channels on YouTube with a combined 400,000 subscribers and more than 70 million views.

On Twitch, LosPollosTv features more than 686,000 followers and over 23 million total views. This streamer has recently joined Kick, the new streaming platform. So far on this streaming site, he has around 33,000 followers, but this number will surely rise in the upcoming months.

LosPollosTv’s Streams and Content

Fans know LosPollosTv mostly for his super entertaining NBA 2K streams on Twitch and Kick. So far, he dedicated over 1,800 hours to streams about the NBA game series. 

Another game that he enjoys streaming about is Fortnite. But, he is yet to broadcast about it on Twitch in 2023, as his last stream was on December 22, 2022. It looks like he is dedicating more gaming streams on Kick than on the bigger platform.

Not long ago, he was also streaming gaming on Overwatch, Call of Duty, Gundam Evolution, GTA V, and many more. In total, he tried out around 200 different games on live streams. 

However, it is worth pointing out that he spends most of his time in the Just Chatting genre. Only on Twitch, he features over 2,282 hours of stream time with 6,990 average viewers. 

One of the reasons why LosPollosTv decided to join Kick was because of his online gambling streams. This streamer loves playing and broadcasting online slot gaming, but Twitch doesn’t allow it anymore. That is why he decided to follow streamers such as Adin Ross and Destiny to the new platform.

Kick, on the other hand, does not restrict streamers on online gambling broadcasts. In fact, the co-owner of the platform also co-owns Stake.com, a crypto casino. On this new streaming platform, LosPollosTv can freely stream about anything that he wants, as the rules are more relaxed.

On his YouTube channels, you can find all kinds of entertaining videos. His first account is inactive for over 4 years, but you can still watch the content. Most videos there are about NBA, street basketball, video gaming, and different silly challenges.

But, on his second YouTube channel, you can find cropped videos from his streams. They are usually commentary content about reality TV shows.

LosPollosTv Net Worth

LosPollosTv is making YouTube videos since 2015 and is streaming on Twitch since 2016. Since then, he managed to make a good amount of money. He has an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million as of May 2023.

Two years ago, his net worth reached around $500,000, which shows us that he managed two double his earnings during this period. The majority of his wealth comes from his streaming and video content, as well as from brand advertising.

It is estimated that he earns around $24,600 from YouTube and Twitch alone. During his streams, the fans can notice that he likes to live a luxurious life. One of his dearest and somewhat expensive possessions is a Dodge Charger from 2019.