The Top 10 Most-Watched Games on

But, have you ever wondered which of them generates the most viewers? Just because a game is popular on the market doesn’t mean that it attracts many viewers on the streaming platform. In this article, we will reveal and describe the top 10 most-watched games on Kick.

On the Kick streaming platform, users have a chance to watch all kinds of streaming content. Some creators broadcast the most popular games, while others tend to stream about less popular ones. 

Before we start, we must note that these games are also the best ones to grow viewership. So you should consider streaming about them if you like to generate bigger traffic on your channel and make a living on

1. PUBG Mobile

On top of the list, we have PUBG Mobile, which is among the most-played mobile games on the market. Just to give you an idea, by December 2022, it reached around 1.3 billion downloads on all types of devices. At that time, it was also grossing over $9 billion, which is a staggering sum.

This mobile game is an adaptation of PUBG: Battlegrounds, which is also very popular in the streaming world. Viewers love to watch these streams as they are super entertaining and come with many surprises.

The highest concurrent view count for PUBG Mobile on Kick has reached 335,192. Now you have to consider the fact that this is still a young streaming platform. But, these numbers are still massive.

2. Just Chatting

Second, on this list, we have the Just Chatting category, which many Kick streamers broadcast about. Based on the highest concurrent viewers, it is very close to PUBG Mobile. At the moment it features a peak of 329,533.

However, based on the average daily viewers it’s far above this game. Just Chatting on Kick generates around 26,268 viewers per day on average. You may also want to know that this category has over 44,600 followers at the moment.

Just Chatting is a very engaging category where the content creators can do literally anything. They can talk about certain topics, react to videos, browse the internet, and much more.

3. Pools, Hot Tubs & Bikinis

Next up we have the Pools, Hot Tubs & Bikinis category, which is somewhat controversial. It is in a way similar to Just Chatting, but here the content creators are usually wearing provocative bikinis. Now, the controversial part here is that a lot of minors are using Kick on a regular basis.

There were a lot of negative reactions towards this category because of these issues. As a result, the Kick’s management decided to implement a toggle for Slots & Casino and Pools, Hot Tubs & Bikinis. It allows you to turn these categories off whenever you like.

However, a lot of viewers are still interested in them as they generate 2,757 spectators per day on average. The highest concurrent view count for this category sits at 190,651.

4. Diablo IV

Viewers at Kick also love to watch streamers play Diablo IV. This is a fairly new action role-playing game that came out in June 2023. Fans have been waiting for this game for 4 years, which is one of the reasons for its massive popularity on Kick.

The graphics and gameplay are superb, as expected from the Blizzard team. More and more content creators decided to try out Diablo IV because of these features. But, they also want to generate more viewers as they can notice that many users are watching them on Kick.

At the moment, the daily average view count is set at 1,143. However, the highest number of concurrent viewers reached 177,804 and this number will surely continue to rise in the future.

5. Slots & Casino

The Slots & Casino category has been rising exponentially since the beginning of People love watching streamers gamble big amounts on various casino games. The reactions and commentary by the creators are also adding to the overall entertainment, especially when they win big.

Here we must mention that the streamers are usually gambling at Stake Casino, which has the same co-owner as Kick, Ed Craven. Creators who sign deals with this online casino will stream their gaming action on their channels.

This category generates 18,720 daily viewers on average while also reaching a total of 114,554 simultaneous viewers. The biggest casino streamer on the platform currently is Roshtein from Sweden. As we mentioned earlier, Kick introduced a new toggle that allows users to turn off the Slots & Casino category. But, as you can read, many viewers still choose to watch these streams.

6. Special Events

Next, we have the Special Events category, where content creators try to engage with their viewers during unique occasions. They are super interesting to witness as they are truly one-of-a-kind.

Spectators often watch streamers broadcast events such as charity, subathons, real-life tournaments, and some other occasions. In other words, this category includes every occurrence that isn’t part of the creator’s regular content.

The highest number of concurrent viewers for the Special Events category has reached 85,808. However, we must mention that these are rare streams, so the average daily view is significantly low.


The Grand Theft Auto Roleplay game is another extremely popular category at Kick. Content creators have been streaming GTA V for around 10 years. This never-ending trend followed on this new streaming platform where around 4,935 viewers are spectating the live broadcasts.

Users love watching streamers play this title as they tend to provide super exciting and funny content. Almost every major Kick streamer is playing or used to play GTA V on Kick. It is a game that attracts the attention of all kinds of viewers.

 It is worth noting that the highest simultaneous view count for GTA RP reached 83,594. At, over 5,867 are following this gaming category.

8. Among Us

On the 8th spot, we have Among Us, which is an online multiplayer game that is highly entertaining to watch and play. The inspiration for this game comes from the party game Mafia as well as from the horror movie The Thing.

This game category features more than 1,000 followers on Kick, but it generates way more views. The highest number of concurrent viewers that it reached was 83,435. In 2020, Among Us was one of the most popular titles for streaming, which spiked the popularity of every creator. The same trend remains to this day.

9. Rocket League

Our list wouldn’t be complete without a sport-related game. The Rocket League is a vehicle soccer game that is very amusing to watch on Kick. Players in this game have to use their rocket-powered vehicles to score goals in their opponent’s goal.

The gameplay is super fast and it provides a lot of fun to both the players/streamers and the viewers. Over 11,000 users follow this category on Kick and it attracts around 900 viewers per day on average.

10. Only Up!

Lastly, we have another fairly new game that generates a lot of spectators on Kick. Only Up! is a very interesting game that is based on a Fortnite map created by a user named ARMY. The game starts off in a junkyard where the objective is to escape poverty by climbing up to space.

At the moment, around 2,000 users follow this game category on Kick. It also gathers the attention of over 1,290 users on average per day. So far, the highest concurrent view count has reached 76,391.