Over 6 Million Dollars gone – How Pragmatic Play fooled their players

We discussed the matter with Pragmatic and rabbet. Long story short, Pragmatic allows the casino to decrease the RTP on their games, which is a little suspicious considering there are official sides that still show us a 2% higher RTP. I started digging into the history of programmatic and discovered something really big are going to talk about slot providers that had such a bad reputation that they had to change their name and bully anybody who tried to uncover this was a public jackpot pool disappearing, long withdrawals, and much more will be uncovered.

In 2008, a developer named top game Robot denies any relation to top game, and for good cause. In 2009, one of their licensed casinos was at the heart of massive controversy attorneys couldn’t have been progressive jackpots and slots and Ron casino The trouble is that top game has produced games with a bog, namely, there were no welds on reels one and five in Diablo 314 Wild sevens and Duke is happy slots top. Gabe acknowledges the problem and claims that it was an error in the handles; the players were compensated; they told the public that the slot was working with a test configuration; but why would they test such a configuration in the first place? According to casino listings, the RTP on those slots will be significantly reduced.

Nobody could win the Jackpot

Nobody could win the progressive jackpots on top game slots for five years in a row; after rebranding as Pragmatic play in 2015, the jackpots amassed somewhere about $6.4 million.

They just pocketed this money, which was money from players consistently feeding the progressive jackpot, rather than money from losses, as a problem was top game while at casinos. Most of those casinos, such as Royal Kings and Rich Casino, are still in operation today, and they still feature top gaming slots. Not only does this add information about David Burns’ buddy, who is the owner of Pragmatic and top game, which we’ll discuss later, but it was nearly fully erased off the internet without a trace.

On top game, if you search for David Barzilai, you will discover bizarre illogical articles and bogus charity websites created with his name on them, full of unrelated keywords and purposeful misspellings of his name. There is a screenshot that cites him as the company’s founder, and his connection to top game can be proven by looking at this criminal complaint to the main prosecutor for mania offenders teaches services the company has its own top game, and wouldn’t you know dared verbalize cited as the company’s owner and CEO? That’s an odd coincidence, to say the least.

No Reaction or Apologies from Pragmatic Play

What about the workers? We know that one of the directors from the top game, your Hammami, was immediately employed and Pragmatic after the top game closed his doors sounds the workers side 2013 as a date of employment, but Pragmatic just began operating in 2015.

That’s weird since, as Steven noted, they’ve been working with the same individuals from top game and Pragmatic. DG Solutions is one of the stockholders. With all of this evidence, you can’t deny that programming is a rebirth of top games. So we now know that the top game was a really dodgy corporation. Let’s speak about it in 2020. Complaints about massively overstated winning potential and Pragmatic games have surfaced on huge wind boards, raising concerns that the games failed to create winds anything near the promised potential of 180,000x.

How can Pragmatic remain successful?

There are games that are constantly on the front page of each casino you visit, such as the gates of Olympus suite, Bonanza fruit party, or this table of excellent gambling for many. It is common knowledge that suppliers, including Pragmatic play lead players, retain the basic game and play a Banos game for a predetermined payment. It all began with Big Time Gaming White Rabbit Megaways in 2017 when they launched the features that sparked quite a deal of criticism, so much so that they were subsequently condemned by the UK Commission.

What about making those providers disappear from the loading screen? What did Pragmatic play provide players with double opportunity for a bonus in the so-called anti-bad malt there is no means for the player to assess how fair his chances are, all we know is that there is a normal and anti bed mold and the worst is 45 percent greater in anti-mold.

After uncovering robot techniques and the dark past of top game, I would suggest you to be extra cautious with these Pragmatic slots. First and foremost, always verify RTP. Second, avoid chasing your losses.