How to redeem Roblox Codes: Full Promo Codes List 2023

Roblox is an online game community that features over 52 million daily active users. This gaming platform has taken the attention of players of all ages, especially teenagers. It allows you to play a variety of games, create your own games, and chat with other players.

You get a chance to customize your Roblox character as well as purchase all kinds of items. To get your hands on them, you must first have enough Robux, the platform’s virtual currency. One of the ways of earning some currency is through the Roblox codes. 

How to Redeem Roblox Codes

In order to enjoy the perks of the Roblox codes, you must redeem them. But, first, you must discover the available codes that you can use in the game.

After doing that, the next step is to go to the Roblox Promotions page in order to redeem them. There you can type in one code at a time and enjoy their perks. The game will instantly generate the promo codes and provide you with free stuff.

We should mention that this works for the standard codes. To redeem the Island of Move codes, you have to launch this mode and find the green character. Then click the “Redeem Code” button and type in the code.

Launch the Mansion of Wonder game if you have such a promo code. After that, go to the in-game Swag Booth and redeem the code.

Lastly, we have the Sonic Speed Simulator codes. To redeem them, access the featured game and enter the in-game shop. Look for the Redeem Codes option on the left side and enter the code.

Full Roblox Codes List 2023

General Codes

  • TWEETROBLOX – Blue bird
  • SPIDERCOLA – Spider-coke-can

Mansion of Wonder

  • THINGSGOBOOM – Ghastly Aura Belt
  • PARTICLEWIZARD – Tomes of the Magus Shoulders
  • FXARTIST – Artist backpack
  • BOARDWALK – Ring of Flames belt
  • GLIMMER – Creature attribute

Island of Move

  • GETMOVING – Speedy sun glasses
  • DIY – kinetic stick
  • SETTINGTHESTAGE – Build it backpack
  • STRIKEAPOSE – Build it Kcap
  • VICTORYLAP – Headphones
  • WORLDALIVE – Christal companion

Which Codes to Use to Get Robux?

There are many websites that offer promo codes for Robux. Yet, many of them are fake and can easily scam you. Because of that, it is always a good idea to use Roblox codes from reputable sites.

Another way of getting codes for Robux is by purchasing a gift card. To do that, access the game and look for the “Shop Gift Cards” button. Here you have to indicate the recipient. If you like to send it to someone else, then type in their name, as well as yours. 

Then click or tap on “Pick a Gift Card” after which you get to choose between a physical or digital card. Lastly, type in the amount you want to purchase and add a message if you like.

Each gift card comes with a unique code. After getting such a card, you can use the featured code in the game’s “Redeem” section. 

What Type of Things Can You Get From Codes?

All Roblox codes are unique as they provide different types of prizes. Usually, they reward cosmetics that you can use on your avatar in order to make it stand out from the rest. The players are very competitive when it comes to customising their avatars.

The mentioned cosmetics are either clothes or accessories. Some of the newest promo codes for Roblox are giving out shoulder pets like Spider Cola or Bird Says. Others reward Hustle Hat, Cardio Cans, Speedy Shades, Hustle Hat, Head Slime accessory, Ring of Flames waist, and much more. 

We must mention that the Roblox codes are expiring after a while. So make sure to find and use the ones that are still active.