Lied to his community: The rise and fall of FouseyTube

Fousey will begin to attain this aim four days after launching his channel, when he uploads his debut video, presenting the world to his peculiar personality for the first time.

I went out into the streets and advertised my channel to everyone I saw, fearing that YouTube would subsequently publish a similar video to the Rebecca Black video, but with a Jennifer Lopez song and a more provocative costume.

How Fousey’s rise began

In July 2011, around four months after starting the channel, FouseyTube will reach 3500 members and publish a video named Middle Eastern parenting. Best wishes I was recently involved in an automobile accident.

This movie had one aspect that none of his prior posted videos included.

Despite Fousey, this video would get 93,000 views in the first week. With just 5000 followers, FouseyTube knows he needs make more videos with a similar idea.

So I wanted to love to this movie did quite well, receiving roughly 500,000 views in the first two weeks. The success of this initial video led to the creation of another film named Jim prank, that’s my machine dude.

As time passed and Fousey continued to publish other semi-viral uploads, he would shift his material totally to pranks, which by late 2013 had surpassed all of his most successful Middle Eastern videos in viewcount and had brought him over the 1 million subscriber threshold.

This knowledge is irrelevant at this point in the plot, but we’ll return to it later. Later in the film, and although Fuji was obviously suffering behind the scenes, things were looking up for the frizzy Tube channel, which had surpassed 1 million subscribers and would only continue to expand by publishing numerous very popular videos such as cheating. A GF joke gone bad What are you talking about my daughter and eating other people’s food prank you know the beach is a great wonderful place to just come and rest like I like to bring food here sometimes it just eat you know, I’m saying.

The success story continues

FouseyTube would be featured in another popular video. The yoga pants prank would gain something of a household brand on the YouTube site.

To say that the video did well is an understatement of the century.

Within a week, the video had 10 million views, and within two months, FouseyTube’s subscriber count had doubled to 3 million, but Fousey was really just warming up his dinner with the yoga pants prank because he was about to back it up with his two most popular uploads ever, the spider man in real life prank and the Mortal Kombat elevator prank, both of which have well over 100 million views to this day.

The views on these videos increased Fousey’s subscriber count, propelling him to 4 million, 5 million. You’d publish a video thanking his fans for the incredible milestone between 6 million and 7 million.

7 month break – where did he go?

Due to his previous prank films, his subscriber count grew at a far slower pace than when he was updating frequently.

Following the seven-month gap, Fousey would publish a video titled Dear YouTube in which he would discuss some of the challenges he had been through and the reason he had not been posting I was lacking love, self-love, self-respect, and self-worth everything that I needed as a person was missing

While he simply stated that some things were missing in his life, the reality that would be revealed only a month later was far worse. In a comment pinned on Susie’s 10 million subscribers special video, he would reveal that during his seven-month break, he would quote sleep at 5 a.m. and wake up at 6 p.m. Eat, watch TV, sleep, and repeat.

It would be naïve to claim that these two dishes were related. He was nearing the 10 million subscriber mark, and he had a large backlog of films that would bring him there.

If you’ve previously seen my video on the complete spectrum of YouTube pranking, you’ll have a good sense of what I’m going to speak about next. By late 2016, pranking as a whole, the genre that through Z had been renowned for, had begun to slow down.

These primary video type pranks were no longer possible on the site, and he’d achieved the 10 million subscriber milestone, which likely reduced his desire for generating films.

His views per video dropped from five to fifteen million before his seven-month sabbatical to between 500,000 and three million when he returned.

Foods would be dropped by YouTube. He was only earning around 5% of what he would typically make on the videos he was publishing on YouTube.

How much do you get paid? Yes, the answer was somewhere between 8012 and $1,000. Wow for us, he started talking with YouTube to find out why he wasn’t getting a similar revenue from his videos, but they just had no explanations to provide him, and all you could give me back was we’re sorry.

Deceiving his fans and community

He went from receiving approximately 1 million views each video before to his sabbatical to receiving roughly 300,000 views per video upon his return. Despite receiving only 300,000 views per episode on the vlogs, Freezy would experiment with a new video idea that proved to be extremely successful, his YouTube cribs series here on YouTube cribs, we like to show you the luxurious life of YouTubers in this series Fousey decided he would meet with various big YouTubers giving them an opportunity to show off their properties

So, essentially, we want you to show us around and show us what you want to show us, such as showcasing your house to us through zoom and off with people like Logan. Paul Land Steward, Tanner Fox, and Alex Wasabi have all had over one million views on their videos.

Frieza would take another six month break after posting these four episodes, failing to upload any more YouTube cribs episodes. During this six month break, his views would drop to around 100,000 per video, where they’ve remained up to this day on February 2nd, 2021, who appears to have given up on The Foos YouTube channel after uploading a video titled My last video on this channel.

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