Why do all fake casino streamers use Roobet?

Today I’ll explain you how a prominent crypto casino and slot providers are scams and why you should never play with them. To do so, I had to conduct some investigation and utilize my mad hacking talents.

We’ll talk about the reality about rabbet and how it takes money from its gamers to pay for X streams.

It all starts with Roobet

To appreciate how serious this issue is, I need to quickly refresh your memory on RTP. Every slot machine has a return to play rate (RTP), which is a word used by casinos to indicate the proportion of all bet money that a slot machine will give back to players over time.

If you place $101 in bets on a machine with a 90% RTP, you should expect to win roughly $90.

In reality, it’s critical to understand that RTP works for all players at the same time.

So, if a large jackpot is won, and money is collected from those who lost in general, millions of individuals might play the same slot every day, and RTP assures that every single player has a chance to break even or make a profit.

I do a lot of monitoring to prior legs gaming and I routinely earn back my money while playing my 1000 Spin rounds.

That’s because monitoring has a fixed RTP of 98% on every site I visit, and RTP is typically the first thing you’ll notice when reading slot ratings on the Internet.

Typically, slot RTP is fixed in stone by the developer and is consistent across all casinos. However, some developers allow casinos to adjust RTP as they see appropriate.

In our example, we’ll discuss how, while playing Go and listening to jazz, Zatt decided to switch from Stake to Roobet for a week.

Roobet is a classic Crypto Scam

In one of the previous videos, I showed you the offer by Aruba to streamers Robert claims at 01 of the biggest casinos on the market and that’s why I sold that Roobet could be trusted so I decided to play my favorite slot gates of Olympus it’s a really volatile slot sometimes you lose money on it but overall it consistently based more than not on Roobet.

So why did they reduce it? If there is no distinction? And I know what the explanation is: they’re just greedy. Although 2% may not appear to be much, keep in mind that RTP is active for all players at the same time.

Therefore, 2% is a significant amount of money that players do not receive back because to the lower RTP, so if you play pragmatic slots on Roobet, you may lose out on some significant winnings due to the lower RTP.

When I questioned Aruba about the discrepancy, they told me, “You won’t notice a 2% difference, it doesn’t affect anything for the athlete.” Why did you decrease it, so now let’s speak about playing gold since they’re no better playing Go is one of the market’s largest developers.

There is no RTP in the information section. All you have to do is use your browser to capture the network code of the games page.

As you can see, the RTP for the Book of Shadows is 96% on steak and 94% onRoobet.

It’s the same for every single gold spot on Roobet on Stake rise of Milans a green night heritage of data, and so on.

What you can do against the Roobet scam

I’ve previously played those slots on Kazuma wouldn’t you know some of them have a lot RTP and as you can see from this thread page players notice it and they don’t like it so it’s not surprising that on Roobet they opted to Hyzaar TP brilliant I know it’s a shame I’ve just now realized that Furthermore, when asked directly by Aruba by playing Go RTPs, they stated that their average RTP is not 6%. When I pressed my inquiry further, I received a really cheeky response from support, who determined that I’m a loser who would just tear tandoors, etc. They’re extremely sorry about that.

Yes, thank you for apologizing for ripping gamers and then giving their money to imposters.

When firms want to be your pals, it’s really rude to gamers.

When you visit Roobet, it proudly states on the front page that it is the fastest growing casino. It is the quickest because you, the player, pay for it.

With this video, I hope to persuade you to quit playing slots and Roobet and start asking the correct questions. Fake streamers are a problem, but Roobet is exacerbating it.

Instead of serving its players, it appears that the casino is simply serving its streams. We need to make this situation known to as many players as possible.

The sooner we stop playing those slots on Roobet, the sooner they’ll take action. Share this video with your friends, and as gamblers, don’t give them a dollar of humanity because, as you can see from my conversation with support, they don’t respect you enough and simply avoid questions about RTP being 94%. I want you to help me in this battle to expose fake streamers.

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