Rostein is back: Roshtein’s Casino Streams on

The world of live-streaming is mostly dominated by Twitch, the most popular streaming platform. But, in recent years, we can notice some other streaming sites on the market that have the potential to compete fiercely with Twitch.

One such streaming platform is Kick, which is a newly-developed site that has acquired the services of some of the most famous streamers. Among the people that switched platforms is the super-popular Roshtein.


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Who Is Roshtein?

Ismael Swartz, also known as Roshtein, is a Swedish professional gambler and streamer. He is a major fan of casino games, especially online slots. Roshtein is also the longest active slot streamer that has been online since 2016.

This popular streamer is currently in 694th place on the Twitch ranking list. However, that featured ranking is significantly lower when compared to the rank 4 months back.

The reason behind his rank drop is the fact that he switched from Twitch to the Kick streaming platform. Since then, he streams more on the new platform using the Restream tool, making many of his fans follow him there.

At Twitch, he has total followers of 1.08 million and 94.7 million total views, which is a huge number. Now, at Kick, he’s streaming his live casino action to around 41,000 followers and is one of the most successful streamers on the platform.

Roshtein is seen as the world’s biggest gambling streamer, as he’s been doing his thing long before other streamers joined in on the action.

He recently did a live stream on Kick with Drake where they gambled on roulette for an hour. Roshtein is constantly sharing updates of his casino live streams on his social media pages.

Why Did Roshtein Join

On October the 18th, 2022, Twitch made a change to its rules banning all streams that shared content of offshore crypto casinos. This meant that all streamers like Roshtein needed to seize all casino action on Twitch.

Live streams about slots were among the top 10 categories on Twitch, and it was seen as very dangerous as there is a big immature audience on the platform.

Roshtein’s account was closed for a couple of hours, but he was able to get it back. Because of that, in November 2022, he decided to join, where he can freely conduct a live stream that involves online gambling.

For a few weeks before joining the Kick streaming platform, Roshtein didn’t stream at all on Twitch. Now he streams simultaneously on both sites, but the slot streams are only done on the new streaming platform.

Many are still skeptical about Kick, as it is a fairly young streaming platform that doesn’t have its own mobile app. Also, this site is owned by, which is one of the online casinos that most streamers were gambling on while on Twitch.

It is safe to say that Roshtein’s popularity and net worth will grow in the future as online gambling is constantly rising. The real question that is needed to be asked here is whether his fans will switch over to the new streaming platform.