How did Sliker Scam his fans out of 300,000 USD

I should clarify that I am not referring to Slicker, the largest scam artist in terms of money.

Basically, if you had a Twitch account, this person approached you and asked for money.

Because Sliker claims he did all of this to satisfy a gambling addiction, he began to bet with money.

He basically spent all of his Twitch money, and there were instances when I didn’t even have any.

Collecting money for his gambling addiction

I’d come across streamers and ask if I could borrow money from them.

Slicker’s money was lost due to a gambling addiction.

It doesn’t say anything about how he obtained or lost everyone else’s money.

There are now over 55 persons on this list that are due money.

My bank account was momentarily locked, and I no longer have access to my money due of the UK banks, but whatever.

The traditional frozen bank scam is to go to individuals and claim, “Look, I can’t access my funds; you must give me money.”

I sent him that much money because he got me on the phone, right? I just got home from the gym and she said she’s going to contact me, and he’s like, Yo, Okay, what else? He’s having a nervous breakdown.

Even though his tactics were the same, the exact story would sometimes change depending on the person, which was explained to me by yet another victim, who found out because her roommate was hearing a different story than her and it made her curious, why was he being asked for less money, and with a different story than her.

Then he asked Titan, who doesn’t have as much money, for 300 pounds, knowing that he has less liquid income than me.

What to do if you are affected

Guys, if you haven’t figured it out now, this man will do and say anything for money, okay? If you’re going after individuals in chemo, no bar is too low, which is why this community should be very cautious about trusting Slicker again, because he’s currently on an apology tour, explaining how he means to repay everyone.

He then sought for extra money from the majority of those folks, I believe.

He even likes to pretend paid back, sending money back, sending money back.

Then it was canceled three days later, so I never got any of my money back.

For this part, I just wanted you to hear from another of Slicker’s victims; he also showed me DMS between him and Ludwig him and train wrecks Haman such as a streamer of of MTM in them and then like asking for money and then them not sending money back, but the worst part of it all is that he’s so shameless.

Streamers dislike how greedy they are

It’s hilarious today, but he was like streamers who are so greedy that they don’t want to help anyone.

I can’t believe he came to my dams and told me that yep, all the streamers care about is money.

While they are still working on it, I can confirm that Lou Pelley, the woman we spoke with previously, has already received her money.

I mean, do I believe Twitch will act despite rising support and the majority of people being opposed? No way, since they get far too many views and money.

That’s about where this tale stands, remember to show some love to everyone who shares their story, pushed the stock since the money to my frozen bank, and I’ll see you in the next one.