What Casino Website Is Xposed Using in His Streams?

When it comes to casino gambling streams, Xposed is the one to mention. He is a very popular Canadian streamer and gambler that has been in the business since 2014. But, he started streaming online gambling content in 2017 and became one of the first to do so.

In the early stages of his career, Xposed was mostly playing Call of Duty during his live streams. Many believe that he is the first streamer to play this game on Twitch. But, now he is long past his gaming career as online gambling content is his priority at the moment.

Here you can read all about his casino streams, including the casino website he uses to play the games.

Kick-ChannelXposed (+59,000 Followers)
Real NameCody Burnett
Home CountryCanada
ResidenceToronto, OT
Net WorthUSD 25 Million
Biggest WinUSD 1 Million (Fruit Party)
Favorite CasinoN1 Casino

What Website Is He Using?

Xposed is using N1 Casino and Stake.com when playing casino games during his live broadcast sessions. This isn’t news for the fans that follow his streams, as there are many streamers that often use the same casinos.


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Stake is a crypto casino that is targeting popular streamers such as Xposed to promote its gaming platform. We must mention that Ed Craven is the co-owner of Stake, which also co-owns the streaming site Kick. Many fans, as well as ourselves, believe that there is a connection to why Kick streamers choose Stake.

N1 Casino gained extreme popularity in the Twitch community, as streamers enjoy the VIP Service, slection of payment methods and lavish bonuses. These advantages made N1 the Xposed casino of choice when streaming slots on his channel.

Before starting out at N1, Xposed was placing bets at various other casino sites. In the past, he also signed a deal with Roobet, which you can see in some of his older videos. But, now you can only see him wagering at Stake, as he is obligated to it according to their deal.

Which Games Does He Play?

During his live streams, you can catch Xposed streaming about all types of games. But, as we mentioned in the intro, his main focus at the moment is the casino games. 

In the early days, you could have enjoyed streams about Call of Duty, Fortnite, PUBG, GTA V, and many other games. Now, you can only watch him play online slots, live casino games, and Plinko. Below, we will describe these types of games, so you can learn more about what he actually likes.


Slots are a clear passion of Xposed, as he spends most of his time on them. They are super easy to play and require a minimum of effort. But, they are also offering some pretty big payouts to those that are lucky enough to hit them.

At N1 Casino, Xposed is often trying out different slot games, as there are plenty to choose from. Yet, he is most often coming back to titles such as:

  • Zeus vs Hades – Gods of War (Pragmatic Play)
  • Juicy Fruits (Pragmatic Play)
  • Wanted Dead or a Wild (Hacksaw Gaming)
  • The Dog House (Pragmatic Play)
  • Sweet Bonanza (Pragmatic Play)

As you can read, he is often choosing slots from Pragmatic Play. Now, this can only mean two things, either he really enjoys their style and rewards or he is sponsoring them. Regardless of the reason, we can only note that Xposed play these, including several others on a daily basis.

Live Casino Games

Apart from online slots, you can also catch Xposed playing various live casino games. These types of games are on the rise for several years and are set to become the future of online gambling.

It provides nearly the same gaming experience as traditional land-based casinos. This goes in favour of Xposed, as he can play them from the comfort of his home. He can also stream the whole action with his fans, which isn’t possible at most casino establishments.

When it comes to the actual live dealer games, this streamer doesn’t like to try out different titles, unlike the slots. He is usually playing Live Blackjack, Crazy Time, Funky Time Live, and Cash Hunt.

His favorite title of all three is by far Live Blackjack. Xposed is a very passionate blackjack player that shows a lot of emotions during his gaming sessions. This is one of the reasons why so many fans follow his gambling streams. Another one is of course the staggering sums that he wins.


Lastly, we have Plinko, which is a game of chance unlike any other. In this game, balls drop from above and bounce around a pegboard before landing in a slot. The objective is to place a bet and hopes that the ball will end up in one of the slots with a big multiplier.

Xposed plays this game from time to time, but it is not his main game of choice. During one of his latest streams, he managed to hit the biggest multiplier, which is x1,000. He placed a bet of $300 and won $300,000 from a single ball.

Is He Playing With Real Money?

This is a question that almost every fan asks casino gambling streamers. Most fans believe that Xposed is playing with fake money, as he wagers on a daily basis and often with big bets.

His net worth goes around $12.8 million. But, that still doesn’t mean that he would risk a good portion of his wealth on online gambling. After a bad loss on one of the casino games, Xposed tweeted that he only lost 30% of the money. This means that the casino is paying 70% of his losses during his streams.

If this is true, then we can state that Xposed does play with real money, but the casino does cover most of the losses. Now, does the streamer split his wins the same way is another question that we don’t know the answer to.

What Casino Deal Did He Receive From the Casino?

The full deal the Xposed received from Stake and N1 Casino is currently unknown. We only know a few details about it. One of them is the obligation to play casino games only on the websites during his streams. 

Another detail is one that we stated earlier involving the loss coverage. According to Xposed, he is only spending 30% of his own money on bets. 

His past deal with Roobet included playing the games with funds from the casino itself. But, Xposed could only keep 25% of the money he would win during the live streams. This is an amazing deal as he could earn money without spending any of his own.

His biggest win that he got while playing casino games was $4,718,280. Xposed achieved this big win on the Hot Fiesta slot from Pragmatic Play. Now, it is uncertain whether he gets to keep the whole amount or just a portion of it.

Where Does He Stream and When?

Xposed is currently streaming online gambling content on Kick. You can watch such streams almost every day in the evening on his Kick channel. More than 45,000 fans follow Xposed on this platform.

But, we must mention that he was very active on Twitch before the online gambling ban. His account still exists, but his last stream was back on January 20, 2023. There he has 538,000 followers and more than 12,000 streaming hours.

The casino content contributes 38.8% of all the streaming hours. It is also the category that has brought him the biggest view count on a single stream. He reached the peak of 18,711 viewers on May 4, 2021.