Why Is Bluey So Popular Among Adults?

Animated TV shows and series are a favourite pastime for youngsters, but some of them are also quite popular among adults. One such phenomenon is Bluey, which is getting more and more viewers from the untargeted audience.

In this article, we will discuss why Bluey attract so many adult viewers, even though it’s meant to be interesting for kids.

What Is Bluey?

Bluey is an Australian preschool animated TV series that follows the life and adventures of the Blue Heeler Cattle Dog puppy. In the episodes, the main character has fun with her family and friends in day-to-day situations.

She is described as having an abundance of energy, curiosity, and imagination of the world. This young dog lives with her father, mother, and younger sister.

This popular animated TV show covers some very important themes such as the values of family, growing-up experiences, and Australian culture. It does an amazing job of showing how children learn and play, with a couple of serious moments included for a good measure.

So far it features 3 seasons and 141 episodes, with 15 additional episodes yet to air this year. It has a rating of 9.5 out of 10 on IMDb, which shows how incredible the viewers find it to be. 

Bluey has also won multiple awards since it first aired, including an International Emmy Kids Award in 2019 and two Logie Awards for Most Outstanding Children’s Program. TV critics have praised the show for depicting a modern everyday family life, a positive father figure, and constructive parenting messages.

Why Are Adults Watching It?

As we mentioned in the intro, Bluey is also popular among all age categories, especially adults, with or without children. The main reason for this phenomenon is the fact that this animated TV show is an amazing portrayal of modern parenthood.

During many episodes, we see Bandit (the father of Bluey) staying at home with the children as well as tending to the home while Chilli, (the mother) is going to work.

Both parents are portrayed on equal footing, though the father is often more enthusiastic and silly about the games played by the children than the mother. 

There are also many moments in this animated TV show where Bandit and Chilli are learning lessons in their parenting and adopting new skills and knowledge. Adults can also see many moments in Bluey where their peers are relaxing from time to time.

 This shows that every parent needs to practice self-care and work harder to improve their parenting skills. However, it is worth mentioning that all of these things are handled perfectly with a dose of care and compassion, which serves as an example of what good parenting looks like.

There are numerous adult characters included in Bluey, which are very much appreciated by older viewers. They are often a bit sarcastic with each other, using one-liner jokes, and giving everything in their power to keep up with the games and imaginations of their kids.