Forsen shook: xQc Beats Minecraft Speedrun Record

The famous Twitch streamer Félix Lengyel, better known as xQc, has finally beaten Forsen’s amazing Minecraft speedrun record. He spent nearly two years training for this epic moment, which finally arrived a few days into 2023.

Despite being a very calm game that involves building and exploring the terrain, Minecraft also features some very challenging modes that require a certain set of skills to complete – one of the reasons why it is one of his favourite games. One such challenge is the Minecraft speedrun, which requires experience and knowledge to be done perfectly. XQC managed to complete the speedrun in just 20 minutes and 13 seconds – a new world record!

What Was the Previous Record and How Did xQc Brake It?

A speedrun in Minecraft is a challenge that requires the players to get from the start of the Mojang building game and beat the Ender Dragon as fast as possible.

This is a very hard task to complete in the game, as it requires hours of training to gain the needed experience, knowledge, and skills to complete it in just 20 minutes.

The Ender Dragon speedrun record was set by Forsen back in April 2021, after reaching the Minecraft boss in exactly 20 minutes and 38 seconds. No other player came close to this incredible record until the 4th of January 2023, when the Canadian Twitch streamer completed the same run in 20 minutes and 5 seconds.

It was a very intense Twitch stream where xQc screamed his longs out when he set the new incredible record. But, as you can see, this attempt wasn’t an easy one, as it took xQc nearly two years to beat the previous record.

He started practising Minecraft ever since Forsen set the record by using the game’s random number generator (RNG) for proving a significant barrier.

This was needed as the speedrun requires from the challenging players an almost perfect world seed to quickly claim the needed materials to find the Ender Dragon and win the tough battle.

Forsen vs xQc – Head to Head

The Minecraft feud between Forsen and xQc has been going on since late 2020. Both players have been breaking the record several times in the past.

But, the record that Forsen hold since April 2021 was just 7 seconds better than the previous record that was set by xQc, himself. Now the spotlights are on Forsen, as the new record holder can sit back and relax.

Since breaking the incredible record set by Forsen, xQc has gained 14% more average viewers, which isn’t a big surprise. However, this has also caused a rise in Forsen’s average viewer percentage, reaching an incredible 125% in the last week alone.

This massive increase in viewership is due to the rumours set by fans, which state that Forsen will now attempt to retake the record. He is currently at the 68th position on the Twitch ranking list, but as things stand, his ranking position will get even higher.

On the other hand, xQc is ranked 2nd on the same list thanks to the record-breaking stream on the Minecraft speedrun. Remaining in the first few positions on the ranking list is a difficult task, as there are many great streamers competing for those spots.