Streamer Yassuo Joins

Kick continues to grow week after week thanks to its relaxed rules, amazing revenue split, and incredible marketing. But, none of this would work so fast without their lucrative deals with some of the most popular streamers in the world.

One of the latest content creators to sign a non-exclusive deal with Kick is Yassuo. He is a very popular American-Palestine streamer who features over 2 million subscribers on Twitch. Fans mostly know him for his League of Legends streams and recently for his Slots & Casino content.

Yassuo is also part of the gamging organization 100 Thieves which competes in several games. Together they’ve won 3 streaming and eSports awards from 7 nominations. But, without further ado, here’s what we know about Yassuo’s deal with Kick.

Yassuo’s Deal With Kick

Fans saw the news about Yassuo signing up for this new streaming platform on Twitter. Kick tweeted about the big news on July 10, 2023, and it shocked the fans.

Not even Yassuo himself was aware that Kick announced the deal. At first, the fans were confused about the deal, as the streamer didn’t reveal any details to them.

But, after getting hundreds of messages asking about how much the deal is worth, he decided to respond. Yassuo revealed that it was a non-exclusive deal where Kick didn’t pay him anything. He then added that he acts as a negotiator, but we don’t know about what exactly at the moment.

The streamer wants to see how the community will respond to streaming on Kick. He thinks that this new streaming platform is perfect for his streaming style and humour.

Yassuo also revealed that he is planning on streaming content about Tinder, Omegle, and of course online gambling. This means that he is ready to diversify his content and add a bit more fun to his live broadcasts. The latter indicates that he is back to gambling content after Twitch banned it in the fall of 2022.

As he uses when streaming live, we wonder if he has also signed a deal with this crypto casino. In case you don’t know, both Kick and Stake feature the same co-owner, Ed Craven.

Kick’s Other Recent Deals

Apart from acquiring the services of Yassuo, Kick has also signed deals with some other popular streamers. One of them is casino streamer xQc, which is one of the biggest content creators in the world. 

He reportedly signed a deal worth $70 million, but it can raise up to $100 million with incentives. Kick announced this deal in June 2023 and is valid for the next two years.

After that, we have BruceDropEmOff who joined Kick in May 2023 for a deal worth around $80 million. Amouranth signed with Kick not long after xQc’s shocking deal. She will get between $30 and $40 million, making her the most earning female streamer in the world.

Dr Disrespect is another major streamer who is set to sign a 3-year deal with Kick worth $50 million. Other popular streamers who recently joined Kick are Ampterby7, Destiny, and GMHikaru.